Best 5 Book Printing Companies In UAE For Authors

best 5 book printing companies in uae

There is a growing trend of authors hiring online professional book printing services to bring their literary creations to life. They also seek expert assistance for creating digital versions of their publication in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is the hub of agencies that offer a myriad of exceptional service options,  along with amazing perks. They’re the right choice for authors and businesses aspiring to share their stories or knowledge with the world.

Though there are many websites, we’ve listed down the five best book printing companies in the UAE. We’ve reviewed them in-depth to offer better clarity to Emirati authors about whom they should look up to while hiring online professional services.

UAE’s Top 5 Book Printing Services For Authors Without Agents

Website #1

book printing ae cover

Book Printing UAE is an all-in-one platform for all your printing needs and guarantees value in return for an affordable service fee.  This established book printing company has been making the dreams come true of Emirati authors for more than a decade. It is committed to offering premium quality and customized assistance to its clients. Customer satisfaction is their primary objective, therefore they provide a wide variety of services to their clients, packed up further with astonishing perks.

Types Of Services:

This top-rated Book Printing in UAE offers a plethora of high-quality services to its customers, ranging from editing and proofreading to publishing. This agency is most popular for its printing assistance for notebooks, brochures, business cards, booklets, flyers, bookmarks, diaries, business cards, magazines, planners, children’s books, etc. If you also want professional book marketing or promotion services, this versatile book printing platform has got your back.

Average Prices: is one of the most affordable book printing services in UAE that would let you save your money. Unlike some companies that expect their customers to spend a fortune, this one offers the lowest prices compared to its competitors. This is why they’re their service fees are the most market-competitive in the Gulf. You also don’t have to worry about any hidden charges while hiring this top-notch book printing press in UAE. They have set up their fees while keeping their clients in mind and maintain an impressive level of transparency. Every client’s total charges differ based on what types of services they seek. So, you can have an idea of yours by getting a free quote. This honest book printing firm would also not charge any unnecessary fees as the project progresses.

Reviews: is truly the most economical book printing service in Dubai. I wanted hardcover copies for my novel but I was on a shoestring budget. Thankfully, they made it possible for me without compromising on the quality factor. I genuinely recommend them to all businesses and authors looking for budget-friendly printing and marketing solutions. ”

Best Features:

There are many reasons why we’ve listed in our list. The first and foremost cause is their extraordinary team of 200+ printing professionals and designers. They’re passionately bringing their customers’ dreams into reality. This custom book printing service prints on the demand of clients, so you have full control over the quantity aspect.

You just have to go through three streamlined ordering steps and their team will produce custom, finest quality binding. You don’t have to worry about the shipping fee, as they will deliver flawless products to your doorstep for free.  Another feature of this book printing platform is its fastest turnaround, allowing clients to keep up with their goals.

Website #2

book writing uae is one of the few award-winning book printing companies in the UAE that can share your story with the world. It would make your publication stand out from the crowd and turn it into a big success with its all-around services. Their website is the right place to go whether you’re searching for self-publishing or on-demand book printing.

Types Of Services:

Their stand-out type of assistance is book printing and binding services that would let you transform your manuscript into a captivating hard copy. They would take care of all the hassle required to move you towards success. Apart from that, they also offer impressive services for book editing, proofreading, publishing, marketing, and cover design. Even if you don’t have the necessary writing skills to turn your story into an interesting novel, their well-versed writers will do it for you.

Average Prices: offers a budget-friendly service for book printing in Dubai, starting from only 35 AED.  What we like about this agency is how they have dedicated a separate page to mention the charges of their every service. They have broken down their pricing plans further into standard and premium packages to make their assistance accessible to everyone.

You can get a clear idea of how much you have to pay while hiring by simply taking a look at their pricing page. For instance, they would print 80 to 100-page books into well-formatted and best-quality paperback copies. What’s more – UAE residents would get free delivery within 20 business days.


“While I was searching for book printing services near me, I came across and analyzed their website in-depth. Once I was done with that, I knew it was the one I had been looking for all along. So, I instantly placed an order and they didn’t disappoint me at all. They delivered more than what I paid for, therefore they’ve become my go-to option for book printing in the UAE.

Best Features:

This economical company let you print on demand books, in any quantity and preference you desire. Their team consists of printing experts who know what it takes for a manuscript to steal the limelight. So, they’re the best professionals to launch your publication at highly reasonable prices without compromising print quality. Once you place your order, their team will start working on it right away to ensure lightning-fast order delivery.  Irrespective of whatever you require to turn your manuscript into a worth-reading copy, they will personalize it for you.

Website #3

book publisher ae

The prominent book printing website, has emerged as a beacon of quality, affordability, and customization. It is the epitome of excellence that caters to the diverse needs of clients with unmatched expertise and dedication. Their website is the destination for Emirati authors wanting a top-quality digital and hard book at low rates.

Types Of Services:

This established print on demand company provides a huge range of services that cater to every aspect of book printing. They have all covered it for you, from premium quality prints to affordable options. Their spectrum of service includes supreme quality, vibrant prints in the colour palette of your choice. Furthermore, you can also seek their unmatchable cover design, publishing, and marketing services.

Average Pricing:

Despite providing impeccable quality personalized book printing services, they maintain an affordable pricing structure. With rates as low as 95 AED per publication print, they defy the notion that quality comes at a hefty price. This company is committed to making printing services accessible to everyone even amidst the rising costs within the industry. So, you don’t have to stress about emptying your wallet while seeking their premium quality assistance.

Best Features:

This esteemed agency lets you print your own book while enjoying several standout features, such as supreme quality prints. You get to customize every inch of your product to make sure it resonates with your author’s brand image. You get access to a myriad of options for the customization of every aspect of your publication, from its cover design to binding options.

Another impressive feature is their print-on-demand flexibility which lets you take control over how many copies you may want to print. Moreover, their expert printing team, backed by over 200 professionals ensures swift production and delivery to let you get your product on time.


“ is really committed to excellence when it comes to print books.  I was initially a bit sceptical about them, but they made all my doubts disappear when I noticed their exceptional quality. They understand that dull and blurry pages negatively impact books, therefore they remarkably  pay attention to every page while printing.”

Website #4

gulf publisher ae

Here comes the exclusive book printing site that has been operating since 2000. They go the extra mile to make their client’s written work unforgettable for their target audience. They have helped countless authors in letting their publications secure a place besides other bestsellers on shelves in the UAE. As their price range is affordable, so it would never make a hole in your wallet. Besides, they’re also the top choice of authors who want a digital version of their printed copies.

Types Of Services:

Gulf Publishers is a well-organized and client-centric agency for all your printing and publishing solutions.  They maintain a harmonious balance between visual appeal and readability whether it is for a hard or digital copy. Unlike other printing companies, this one greatly focuses on making their products sustainable and eco-friendly. They also offer customization options for paper and cover finishes, plus the size and weight of the book.

Average Pricing:

Though they haven’t mentioned prices on their website, they have the most accessible price range. Their overall charges differ depending upon various factors, such as quality and quantity of paper. For instance, if you choose the light-weight or medium-weight option for a5 booklet printing, you have to pay accordingly.  Submit your quote if you want to find out about the exact charges you may have to give to get your product.

Best Features:

This professional and trustworthy book printing online company has in-house most innovative in-house equipment for printing. Their extraordinary combination of modern machinery and expert team make it possible to fully satisfy their customers.

Besides, the unparalleled communication skills and supportive nature of their customer support team create a special place in clients’ hearts. Their cost-effective pricing plans and supreme quality services allow every Emirati author to increase their chances of becoming a top seller. Moreover, they never delay any order, allowing customers to keep up with their authorial objectives.


I decided to choose Gulf Publishers to get my books printed and I feel proud of my decision. They ensured high-quality assistance throughout the process and prompt delivery by the end. They also personalized the hardcover just as I preferred and that too, at such a low rate. You should definitely collaborate with them if you want exceptional printing assistance.’’

Website #5

ghostwriting ae

Are you searching for a top-ranking service that offers book printing in Sharjah and other UAE cities? If yes, look no further as is the premier company that you can consider in this regard. It is committed to providing the ultimate level of quality, professionalism, and affordability to its clients. Their website is the one-stop platform for all aspects of your book launch, from writing to cover design and printing.

Types Of Service: offers a helping hand for all aspects, required for your book launch and print. If you lack the time to transform your ideas into compelling written manuscripts, their professional writers can help you out. If you’ve already curated content but need to finalize it, hire expert proofreaders and editors. Similarly, you can collaborate with their skilled cover designers, marketers, publishers, and printing geniuses to transform your vision into a successful reality. Whether it is a novel or photo book printing, their maestros can make it happen for you in the best possible way.

Average Pricing:

This notable company provides competitive rates while ensuring the best quality. They understand that authors are on a certain budget, therefore they have set up their pricing accordingly. Their pricing structures are transparent and don’t contain any hidden charges whatsoever. Besides, the good news is that you don’t have to pay any extra fee for your requested revisions. They ensure you get the best value for your investment, hence resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

Best Features:

What sets apart from the rest is the way they operate their process throughout, from the beginning to end. Their team carry out their client’s order in a systemic way by effectively communicating and collaborating. They make sure none of the product finalization is delayed and results in complete customer satisfaction. Their professional’s attention to detail is also spot on which yields exceptional results every time.


“I have been collaborating with for my several printing projects for a year. So, I can confidently claim that they’re the best in the business. Not only are their printed copies flawless in quality, but so is their writing assistance. They have always gone above and beyond to complete my projects with perfection. Their passion for excellence truly outshines their delivered products. So, hire them if you also want your books to stand apart in the crowded authorial landscape.”


Which country is best for printing books?

The UAE is a great place for printing books because it has innovative printing facilities and skilled professionals. As the United Arab Emirates is strategically located, it means the book over there can be easily distributed all across the globe. So, this country is worth considering if you’re looking for high-quality book printing.

How much does it cost to print a book?

The cost of printing a book depends upon various reasons, such as the number of pages, size, quality of the paper, etc. Typically, it takes about 7 to 18 AED per book to print to print a paperback one with 200 pages. The cost can increase if you go for colour printing, hard or special paper, and extra features.

Can a single copy of a book can be printed?

Yup, it is possible but you have to hire a service that prints on demand (POD). This option is convenient, as you have the freedom to choose the quantity of your own.

Can I print a book without publishing it?

Yes, you can make physical copies of your manuscript without publishing it. However, you would require a reliable printing service or a personal printer at home to get hard copies.

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