How To Apply Your Iron-On Custom Embroidered Patches

custom embroidered patches

If you are anything like us, then you must absolutely love trying on fancy clothes. You do, right? However, sadly, we cannot wear brand-new clothes every day! It is not a practical thing to do at all.

But there is a practical solution that helps to revamp our clothes to look brand-new! What, really? Yes, chum! And we are here to tell you all about it!

The solution lies in ironing custom embroidered patches on our garments. Hell yeah!

These patches not only look dope, but they promise to add a dash of personality to even a plain, wishy-washy outfit. Yes, we are absolutely serious.

If you can’t trust us, then iron on these patches and see for yourself. Oh, right! You don’t know how to attach these patches, do you?

Well, sweat, not. We will guide you through each and every step to make sure that your patch stays on for a long, long time.

So, let us not waste any more time and get going!

Iron-On Embroidered Patches | A Complete Guide To Attach Them

Ironing patches is not a child’s play, especially when you are a first-timer. Although, once you become an expert in this skill, there will surely be no going back. Below, we have discussed all there is to know about ironing these patches. So, dive right in!

5 Things That You Will Need To Iron On Your Patch

You will require some supplies to iron on your custom patches. Make sure to gather these materials before you start attaching your emblem. Trust us! Having everything within your arm’s reach will help you a lot more than you can imagine. Below, we have given a list of items you must have:

  1. Your item of clothing on which you need to put a patch (Come on now, where else would you attach your patch to, then?)
  2. Your custom embroidered patches (Can’t forget them, can we?)
  3. A thin washcloth or tea towel (You’ll know their significance laterJ)
  4. Iron (Duh!)
  5. Ironing board (Double Duh!)

8 Basics Steps To Revamp Your Garments By Attaching Iron-On Patches

Once you have all the supplies that we just mentioned within your arm’s reach, you are all set to iron on your custom patches. Are you ready? That is great! Follow the steps given below to revamp your wardrobe in no time.  

Step No. 1 – Make Sure Your Cloth Is Dry, Washed, And Wrinkle-Free

Do you have your patch in place? Ha! Not so fast, dum-dum. Before you even start beginning, you need to make sure that your garment is all set for the patch application. Now we know you must be thinking how. Worry not! We will answer all your queries one by one.

Back to the point, to make sure that your article of clothing is ready for ironing a patch, you need to make sure that it is properly washed, dried, and free of any wrinkles. By ensuring these factors, we assure you that your patch will stick properly. Once you have all things checked, feel free to lay your item of clothing on the ironing board.  

Step No. 2 – Set Your Iron To The Accurate Settings

Hmm! Now, that sounds quite easy, doesn’t it? All you need to do is set the iron to the right settings. But the main question is: what are the right settings? Whoops! There you are again. We told you not to worry, didn’t we? Let us tell you about the proper settings.

You see, heavy fabrics such as denim or canvas are appropriate for high-temperature settings. On the other hand, lighter and delicate fabrics, such as silk, fleece, etc., work well with low heat temperatures. Similarly, cotton, polyester, and similar materials are able to handle medium-high or moderate iron temperatures. If your iron has certain fabric settings, then feel free to choose the one that suits the fabric you are dealing with. Easy-peasy!

Step No. 3 – Iron The Area Before Placing The Custom Patch

We understand that you might be twitching with the excitement of attaching your emblem. However, there is one last thing to do before you finally attach a patch to it. Once your iron is heated to the temperature you want it to be, make sure to iron the area of your item of clothing where you want to put the patch. By doing so, you will activate the gluey backing, making sure that it melts to fuse with the fabric.

Step No. 4 – Place The Patch Over The Garment And Cover It With A Towel

Here you go! The step you were so excited about! The actual patch-attaching step! For this, you need to place your patch wherever you want it to be. Once you have set it correctly, cover it with a light tea towel or a thin cloth. This thin cloth will serve as a barrier between the heat and the intricate work on your patch. Thus, it helps to eliminate any chances of destroying your emblem. After everything is in place, press the towel gently with the iron. Ooh! That sudden adrenaline kick is surely what you live for, isn’t it? Yes, sir!

Hey! Don’t get distracted with your pump of adrenaline! Keep the iron moving in a slow circular motion. Or else, it won’t take long to turn your excitement into despair. Shudder! Keep ironing for at least about 90 seconds. Make sure that you iron the edges firmly to secure the attachment of your patch.

Step No. 5 – Check To See That The Patch Is Applied Correctly

Right after the fun part comes the most stressful part of the patch-attaching process. You need to check whether your patch is sticking to your fabric of clothing by gently tugging or lifting the patch. If it comes off, then it means your patch is not adhering well to your garment. In this case, you can do two things. i.e.:

  1. Repeat the steps from step no. 3 to step. No 5
  2. Or you can start again with a new patch

After you have your patch attached nicely and firmly, you are all set to proceed to the next step.

Step No. 6 – Reverse The Material Inside Out

When you have your patch properly attached to your garment, we suggest you flip your item of clothing from the inside out. Place the thin cloth or tea towel over the area you just applied the patch to, and press it with an iron. Keep moving your iron in a slow and circular motion for about 30 to 60 seconds. This step will add an extra layer of protection and keep your patch in place for a longer duration of time.

Step No. 7 – Let The Clothing Cool

Next up, remove your thin cloth or tea towel from the surface and make sure that your patch is attached securely. Gently perform the movement test. If your emblem does not tolerate your body movements, continue repeating the ironing process till your patch is secure and in place. Once the patch attaches, let it cool down a bit.

Step No. 8 – Show Off Your Unique Patched Garments!

Et voila! You have successfully attached your patch to your item of clothing. Get ready to show it off to the world. Ooh! We are so excited!

Patching It All Together!

And that is it! The steps given above are all that you need to follow in order to iron your custom embroidered patches on your items of clothing. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start applying these cutesy add-ons to your clothes to bring them back to life. We know you would follow the steps perfectly and make your outfits speak for themselves.

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