Top 10 App Development Companies in Abu Dhabi

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If you think Abu Dhabi is merely known for its breath-taking islands and massive theme parks then you are wrong. It is now becoming a hub of technology and the government has adopted ICT as and industry. ICT is the Information and Communication Technology, that is made up of multiple segments.

The whole point of ICT is to make Abu Dhabi a land of advancements and where technological revolution starts. Hence, government officials and authorities do not take sit back and relax when it comes to technology. Instead, they collaborate and think out of the box solutions that can help companies in UAE prosper and reach sky-high success.

Let’s discuss the sectors of ICT and what it is comprised of.

An Overview Of How UAE Is So Much Invested In ICT (Information And Communication Technology)

The ICT is made up of;

  • Internet of Things (IoT0
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • 3D computer created designs
  •  Software and computer systems
  • Telecommunication

So, together these segments make up the digital landscape of Abu Dhabi as it belongs to UAE. If you look at the spendings UAE officials has been planned to splurge, it will amaze you.

Let’s surprise ourselves from these figures.

  • Around $23 billions is kept aside for ICT in 2024 surpassing a whooping amount of $14 billion.
  • 11% of the budget will be spent on Software and applications.
  • $6 billion is likely to earned from the hardware and the infrastructure.
  • A good amount of contribution will be done by AI in forecast that sums up to $96 billion.

These figures shows that UAE is completely into the technology and want to transform its countries into a whole new realm.

The blog will be focusing on the companies that are making its true for businesses to come forward and get started with digital applications to enhance productivity, workload, enhanced, and productive business operations by simply with applications and websites.

These Companies Are Looking Forward In 2024 For App Development Services



Starting with ABTACH DMCC a leading app development company in Abu Dhabi. Their services are second to none and offer a huge variety of services benefiting the businesses all over UAE.

Moreover, they have a strong position in the industry and play an important role in the digital transformation of business in Abu Dhabi.

Over the past years they have delivered innovative business solutions, mobile applications, digital marketing solutions, website development, and rebranded hundreds of businesses worldwide.

2.   Developapplike:


Developapplike have set out their name by delivering quality digital products. They have a prominent name in the app development industry for offering top-notch services.

They will offer business not just the solutions but have provided them with a digital product to shape and transform their brand.

3.   Hyperlink Infosystem


Founded in 2011 and delivering top-quality app development services since then. They have a dedicated team of professional who have served and worked with industry giants for years.

Also, their work is appreciated all over the globe as the goal is to satisfy clients and listen to them over anything.

4.   DowApp


DowApp is here to serve business with a whole bunch if technical and brilliant minds. The teams are professional and show dedication towards their work. Clients are well-heard, their ideas are executed to perfection and delivered in a shape of application or a website.

Furthermore, they are delivering what they promise, a digital solution that will help businesses to reach sky high limit.

5.   Neologix


Neologix is giving business a platform to come forward and discuss their ideas with developers so that they can execute them and give them a digital reason to outshine the digital landscape of Abu Dhabi.

They have delivered a great number of applications that are running successfully on app stores. So, the company is a trusted ally of hundreds of small and large businesses since 2002.

6.   Branex


Branex is on the list for best customer services round the clock. They are known in the app development industry in Abu Dhabi for delivering not just the applications but a smart business solution that has helped hundreds of small businesses to grow sales.

7.   Iroid Technologies


Iroid Technologies has delivered a number of mobile applications for health and finance industry. A large number of their clients are from leading industries that have a high-performance application for their brand.

8.   SpellSystem



SpellSystem is yet another app development company offering best round the clock services all over Abu Dhabi. They follow user-centric approach to develop applications that meet the business niche and what their customers are asking for.

Moreover, their development process is swift and up to date making sure the clients are posted with new details. All the applications are tested back-to-back so that the final product is error free.

9.   Adroit Group


Adroit Group has made to the list for its valuable and top-rated services. They are shaping future allowing business to expand their digital network. Clients have loved their projects and made them sales.

Their services are available to diverse sectors and industries so no matter what business scale you lie on, the application will be delivered as per the requirement. 

10.                GameIN 


Lastly, ending the blog with GameIN app development company. They are focused on multiple industries and offer top-quality applications. The industries include; healthcare, biotech, agriculture, transport, fintech, government, transport, and apps for e-commerce as well.

They follow transparent approach to develop applications and make sure the clients are satisfied with their app. Also, post-launch services are also offered to maintain the app quality making sure no app has any bug or error left behind.


To sum up, this was all about the app development companies in Abu Dhabi offering the round the click services all over the world.

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