Best 5 CV Writing Services In Dubai, UAE [2024 Updated List]


A professional CV writing service can help you secure your dream job by tailoring such a compelling application that displays your skills, potential, and value in front of a prospective recruiter.

These writing services can help the candidate save a lot of their precious time. Moreover, it also helps them to steer clear of any frustration or stress related to the intimidating job-hunting phase. This is not all, but these services can provide credibility, confidence, and a competitive edge.

However, the key is to select the best services to get proper feedback, guidance, and support throughout the job search process.

So, if you want to achieve your career aspirations and invest in your career, you need to hunt down the best writing services. But how?

If you search for “the best CV writing services in Dubai”, we are sure you will get thousands of search results. Now, you cannot try them all, can you? Not only will it take much of your energy and time, but it is not a practical thing to do.

This is why we have compiled a list of the best of the best writing services that guarantee to make you land your dream job in a jiffy.

If you are interested in learning more about these prestigious companies, then without wasting your precious time, let us get going.

Top CV Writing Services You Must Hire To Secure Your Dream Job


CVMaker.AE is one of the most professional CV writing services Dubai that offers expertness to each one of their clients. What sets them apart from other CV writing agencies is that they are entirely committed to helping their customers secure their dream jobs at any cost. Moreover, the services they offer are backed up by exceptional industry knowledge. Let us look at the services you can receive by hiring these experts to work on your application.

Services They Offer: These experts offer a lot of top-quality services to help their clients get rid of the challenging job-seeking phase. You can get to know about their services by visiting their website. Moreover, we have listed below some of the services they offer.

  • Personal website
  • Resume writing
  • Video CV resume
  • Cover letter
  • Resume CV editing

Perks You Will Get By Hiring These Experts: Apart from top-quality services, there are a lot of perks you will get by hiring these service providers, such as:

  • Fast turnaround
  • ATS approved CVs
  • Expert writers
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


The writers at Top CV make sure that every application they tailor is enriched with value to help the recruiters make the right decision. Over the years, the services offered by these experts have earned them 99 per cent client satisfaction. No wonder they are an industry leader in helping job hunters revamp their CVs.

Services They Offer: After reading so much about these experts, let us take a glimpse at what services you can get from them, shall we?

  • Cover letter
  • CV evaluation
  • CV editing service
  • LinkedIn profile

Perks You Will Get By Hiring These Experts: Not only awesome services, but these professional CV writers also offer a lot of additional benefits to their clients, including:

  • Quick and free revisions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99% recruitment pass guarantee
  • Direct contact with the CV writer
  • On-time submissions
  • Free CV consultations
  • Top-listed CV writers
  • Wide industry-specific CV domains
  • Free career and application guidance
  • Other career solution add-ons


If you are on the lookout for an entire overhaul of your LinkedIn profile or even your CV, then you must consider CV Dubai. This firm is one of the best CV writing services Dubai. These experts have been rewriting professional CVs and updating profiles for many years. They even have CV editors in their teams who possess immense knowledge about the best practices. What makes them great is their ability to polish every CV.

Services They Offer: Speaking of greatness, do you know that these experts are best at what they do? This is why they offer the best services to their clients, i.e.:

  • Video Resume
  • Resume evaluation
  • Cover letter writing
  • CV resume editing
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Resume writing

Perks You Will Get By Hiring These Experts: Now that we are aware of the services you can get from expert writers from CV Dubai, we think it would be more fitting if we learn about the benefits you can get from them:

  • Quality-assured
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Domain-expert writers
  • Freshly written
  • Boosts interview invites
  • Satisfaction guaranteed


Perfect CV is yet another of the most popular CV writing services in Dubai. The reason this agency made it to our list of “Best 5 CV writing services” is because of the jaw-dropping services they offer at such economical rates.

Services They Offer: Unlike many other CV writers in Dubai, the professionals at Perfect CV do not only claim to be the best at what they do, but they are truly the best writers you can hire. Let us take a glimpse at the top-notch services these experts offer to their clients:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Cover letter
  • Resume writing
  • CV writing editing

Perks You Will Get By Hiring These Experts: You must be thinking that you can only get your hands on the best services from these experts and that is it. Here is a surprise for you! Apart from their services, these experts also offer numerous perks to their clients, such as:

  • Unlimited revisions
  • Keywords optimized CVs
  • ATS friendly CVs
  • Free CV review
  • Industry-specific writers


Lastly, we have CV Gulf on our list. They make the most efficient CV writing services in the entire Gulf region. The writers working for this agency possess dynamic expertise in a lot of professional fields. Thus, it makes sure that you will be assigned a writer who possesses immense knowledge regarding your field of interest. In this way, you will be ensured you get the most personalized CV in the history of ever (Now, that was an exaggeration, but you got it, right?).

Services They Offer: These top CV writers in UAE offer great services to their clients, such as:

  • CV writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Website profile

Perks You Will Get By Hiring These Experts: Below, we have enlisted the perks you can get by hiring these first-rate CV writers.

  • Affordable CV packages
  • Top-notch CV Makers
  • No generic templates
  • Fast and 24/7 customer service

Is it worth paying someone to write your CV?

The call is entirely yours to make whether you want to hire someone to write your CV or not. However, you must consider that there are numerous benefits if you hire one. One of the major perks of hiring a professional writer is that they dramatically minimise the effort and time it would have cost you if you wrote the document all by yourself.

How much do CV writers charge?

The top-rated CV writing services can charge anywhere from £500 to more than £1,000 for a basic CV. However, there are some affordable options, too, that cost between £50 and £150 max. You must know that the fee structure of the service mirrors the quality standard and customer service you are likely to get.

How do you know if I need a professional CV writer?

If you have been constantly applying and getting no responses from the hiring managers, then take it as your cue to hire a professional CV writer. These experts can offer expert and unbiased opinions that your application needs desperately.

How do I find a CV writer?

There are a lot of ways to hunt down the best CV writer, such as:

  1. Seek out reviews
  2. Have a reasonable budget
  3. Explore their online presence
  4. Look for professional credentials
  5. Ask for recommendations and a lot more

Summing It All Up!

That is all, folks! We did our best to hunt down the best CV writing services in Dubai for each and every job hunter seeking such services. And honestly, we did a pretty great job! So, instead of choosing from those thousands of CV writers you got from your search results, we suggest you give the ones we mentioned above a shot.

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