Best 5 Book Publishing Companies In Dubai, UAE

best 5 book publishing companies in uae

Pop culture in the modern world is all about art, technology, fashion and cyberculture. However, amidst these social trends, a rare crowd stands beside all the geeks. The members of this crowd are gems – people still loyal to the literature. They will hands down prefer books to screens every single day. Perhaps they are the ones that keep the industry going.

Speaking of the book-publishing sector, it is important to know that publishers play a vital part in our lives. Authors are only entitled to create magical lands of adventure through their word game. However, the issuing companies make it stress-free for us to explore the ride. Accordingly, the publishers act as intermediaries between a reader and a writer.

Therefore, if you have the talent for wordplay, then step up and put it out for the word to discover. For instance, you want to get your writing effort issued in UAE. For that, you first need to specify whether you are aiming for self-publishing or traditional broadcasting. A writer who uses no external channel to issue their work is also known as an indie author.

Such authors are authorized to keep their book’s rights. This concept is better than traditional channels in three ways. Firstly, doing it yourself is faster and easier to manage because you are your boss. In addition, it lets you have much more creative freedom and saves a considerable amount of money.

Nevertheless, not everybody is talented enough to manage the whole kit and caboodle from editing to designing and then branding. It is more convenient to hire professional help. Hence, let us comprehensively analyze what options are available and together learn more about book broadcasting.

Dubai, UAE – The Hub Of Top Book Publishing Companies!

Now that you are aware of the basic knowledge, you might as well want to understand what to do as a first-time author. It is not as if you just go to the firm and say, publish my book. You have to work systematically. However, there is nothing to fear. You just have to consider some research work. For this, you may also take help from the internet but here are our two cents on the topic.

As a beginner in the field here is what you must do, boiled down into six simple steps. For starters, complete your writing efforts and carefully finalize everything. Next, you must hire an agent from a book publishing agency, who is popular in the industry so that he can link you up with editors. An agent is a supportive guide for the rest of your journey, too. However, the best part is that they only get a minor share of your profit. So if there is no profit, then you are not obliged to pay.

Soon after, the literary agent pitches your book to the most suitable book houses. The finest publishers for first-time authors are mainly Turner Publishing, Coffee House Press and the Dreamwork Collective. They are book publishing experts famous for promoting new and innovative talent.

Though it takes some time for things to work, the wait is worthwhile. Once they select your novel, then they will meet you in person or take you on an audio call for further discussion. The matters of royalty and advance payment are considered and the deal is closed by signing the contract. Phew, another step towards the issuing of your novel accomplished!

Choosing The Elite…

Amongst the numerous book publishing platforms, you must pick the best one that has complete insight into the industry. This will ensure the success of your novel, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Here are a few more factors that determine which company is the elite choice.

Initially, the company should be a well-reputed one, in the industry. It is also significant that you choose a book publishing service provider that is doing well in your genre. Then, only you can expect your manuscript to thrive. Next, the service provider must have an all-inclusive team to offer you the complete assistance you require. You can find all this information through their social media existence.

Using the same method, we have shortlisted the top five book publishing companies in Dubai for you. Here is the detailed description:

Scrutinizing Every Bit of it…

We are highlighting the fact again that novel issuing companies are mediators between the audience and the writer. Hence, publishers are not just selling manuscripts but also dreams enclosed in small cases. This is a major reason why selecting the best one is crucial.

Imagine the horror of choosing the wrong editor who did not do appropriate branding for your novel. As a result, the potential ability of your work to flourish collapses, and you get a lifetime lesson. So, to protect you from any such disaster we bring to you these top publishing companies.

#1 –

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When someone is new to a field, they are already very nervous. The fear of goofing up is natural, but a little push can make you go a long way. Similar is the example of – a decade-old agency that helps newbies in stabilizing their careers. This extraordinary book publishing company in UAE is famous for helping indie authors.

This service helps them in editing, proofreading, formatting and the list goes on until the final stage – publishing. The route is a long one therefore, guidance is necessary for the first time authors. The also provides exceptional features like Amazon book publishing and surprisingly low prices of under 1000 AED. This sort of pricing is also light on the pockets of new authors. Moreover, they promise global reach and guaranteed placement for your manuscript.  

In addition, their website says they have elite 8000+ ratings, and they allow the authors to choose a platform before drafting. This shows how hard they are trying to win the trust of authors. Commendable! Apart from this, the fact that they offer you a one-stop, complete solution for publishing is also praiseworthy.

#2 –

screenshot 2024 03 18 124422

Next up is, a team of UAE’s best authors who are legendary experts. They magically pour life into the stories of their clients and help the writer and reader connect. They are one of the best book publishing services in Dubai with dignified privacy controls as their unique selling point.

Working in the industry for more than ten years now, this service has gained profound insights. Perhaps that is why they know the art of customer service so well that they claim to satisfy 98% of their clientele. Moreover, they have affordable prices ranging from standard to premium between 1599 and 1999 AED. In addition, they also arrange for unlimited free revision in their project. Now, that is a plus!

One of the features that we loved the most was their 24/7 availability, just like Amazon book publisher services. This makes it easier for people around the world to receive help super quickly. Furthermore, they are one of the very few companies that support women’s inclusivity at work. If you look at their team… from editor to manager to writer, and even the designer is a female. Well done!

#3 –

screenshot 2024 03 18 124611

Now to the third, one of the best five book publishers in UAE – They are renowned for editing, proofreading and even marketing services. Moreover, they have a huge variety of print media like books, flyers, brochures, booklets, planners, yearbooks and even magazines.

Furthermore, their website displays a whopping 4.9 out of 5 trust scores. Attaboy! However, not just this, they have 1620 positive reviews that are proof of their amazing services. The reviews on their web pages suggest that their service is highly responsive and fully customized. Alternatively, if we compare their services to Amazon Kindle Direct publishing there is one thing in common. The service provider claims to bring reasonable and unmatched quality services to your desk.

On the other hand, talking about prices, this company charges a little in their way. They charge the clients depending on binding style, paper type, number of pages, and colour/quality of ink. This means their price quote for plain paper and glossy paper is going to be different. The more customization…, the higher the prices!

#4 –

screenshot 2024 03 18 124244

Moving on to the second last service provider –, a big name in publishing houses UAE. It also operates in Kuwait, Iraq, KSA, Qatar, and Bahrain. They have been the experience of the industry for more than a decade. This makes them an established company that will not let you down.

Their web page asserts that they have worked on 98,000 scripts until now, which is a phenomenal achievement. Furthermore, speaking of their achievements… they have won 12+ awards and pleased around four thousand customers. They ensure their clients speedy assistance in all routes, from editing to marketing and other publishing needs. Their team includes a formatting expert, an editor, a designer and a publisher.

They also support Amazon KDP as a publishing platform. Apart from that, they promise on-time delivery, value for money, integrity and transparent deals. All of these are a great way of increasing client’s trust in them. They deal majorly in book printing for all Gulf countries and their price packages start from 2499 AED.

#5 –

screenshot 2024 03 18 124336 1
screenshot 2024 03 18 124336 1

Last of all, however, not the least of all… – one of the finest book publishing companies in Dubai. This service is a well-known writing solution for autobiographies, novels, e-books, and memories. Moreover, they also help people publish their books. They call themselves premium and experienced Ghostwriters who will write for you but will not take the credit.

Their service promises reliable writers who will not say a word about your work to anyone. They are highly skilled and proficient in maintaining customer privacy at all costs. Moreover, they claim that their turnaround time is the fastest because their writers are very productive. Besides this, they are also offering Amazon self-publishing services and unlimited edits for all their clients until they are pleased.

Furthermore, upon observing their website we noticed a majority of reviews that graded them #1 publisher. Additionally, the website states that their service is very inexpensive against the exclusive content they provide. We must say they mean their word of not straining the pockets with prices ranging from 599 to 799 AED. Is that for real? This is so much cheaper as compared to all of the above services… Whoa!

Who are the Big 5 publishing?

The Big 5 is a term commonly used to describe the five most prestigious publishing companies in the United States of America. The big five publishing houses are – Penguin Random House, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan and Simon & Schuster. However, for authors in UAE, we have already listed the top 5 self-publishing houses that can make your publication successful.

How much does it cost to publish a book in UAE?

The cost of publishing a book in the UAE is not fixed. Different publishing companies quote different prices. It ranges from a minimum 599 AED to a maximum of 2599 AED. However, some service providers charge you differently based on paper and ink types.

What is the most popular book publishing company?

Penguin Random House from the USA is popular as the number one publishing company across the globe. People call it the literary powerhouse. Born in 2013, PRH has made a record of publishing 100,000 e-books.

What is the cheapest way to publish a book?

There is a word for it when you solely do all the procedures of book publishing – indie author. You can save money by self-publishing a book. This means now you will have to do the editing, formatting, designing and proofreading all by yourself. You can use cheap tools for it, though.

How can I get a company to publish my book?

There are five steps to get your book published by the company. First, you must prepare a pitch. This includes three initial chapters of your book. Then, you must write a query letter. After that, you refine your synopsis and hire an agent. Lastly, upon approval and signing of the contract, you can hand over your manuscript to print.

Concluding Words…

Thus, this was a detailed comparative analysis of all the top five book-publishing companies in Dubai, UAE. We discussed six steps for first-time authors in their publishing journey. Then, we concluded the factors affecting the decision to choose the finest book publisher.

After that, we scrutinize every bit of the 5 service providers – BookPublisher, BookPrinting, GhostWriting, BookWriting and GulfPublisher. We compared their quoting prices, their services and their reviews. In addition, we made sure to tell you the entire ifs and buts of hiring these companies as professional help.

Now, in conclusion… it is your call as to which company you wish to work with as a writer. It depends on what level of funds you own and what are the areas that you will want to be assisted in.  

Therefore, now carefully re-read the blog once again and take your time to make a data-driven decision. Do not… I repeat. Do not haste, or it may cost you a lot of money. Good Luck, future best-selling author! We know you can do it.

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